Chito and Pocho

Chito says goodbye to his bestfriend Pocho, the seventeen foot half ton crocodile.

Gilberto “Chito” Shedden found Pocho over 20 years wounded and near death. Pocho had been shot in the left eye by a cattle farmer. Chito didn’t have the heart to leave him, so he took him back home and nursed him back to health. A decade of friendship later, someone saw Chito and Pocho swimming together and told the local media.

By the summer of 2000, they had become stars after their first show. Large groups of people would gather to watch these two perform tricks like winking, rolling over and allowing Chito to put his head inside the giants mouth.

Chito and Pocho grew closer and closer with each amazing performance. Not only were the performances amazing, but also the fact that a human and crocodile could become such close friends. People were amazed. It’s always beautiful to see a strange friendship like the one Chito and Pocho had.



Poveglia Island

Also known as the most haunted island in the world was recently purchased for 704k by Luigi Brugnaro.

The island has a very eerie past. A major aspect of its past is that it was a dumping ground for plague victims.

There are buildings on the island that are built over plague burial grounds. Thats pretty much asking to be haunted.

"Work crews on nearby Lazaretto Vecchio were digging the foundation for a new museum when they came across one such grave pit, filled with the remains of more than 1,500 plague victims."



When graves were dug up to add more bodies to them, they would often find bodies that were bloated and had a mouth full of blood. Their immediate conclusion was that the body was a vampire and was feasting on the blood of the dead. So, a stone or a brick would be placed in their mouth to stop them from eating. Of course, modern forensics has found that a build up of gases is the cause for the bloated body and the blood seeping mouth.

It was also used as a mental hospital and there are also rumors that a doctor engaged in inhumane experiments with his patients. Along with plague deaths and medical related deaths, there are also many suicide related deaths.

There is no doubt about this island’s haunting past, but now this island has a future. Brugnaro has bought (technically leased) the island for 99 years and plans to spend a small fortune to renovate it. Building stuff on a burial ground is always a good idea.


Different Types of Opals


Andamooka Rough Opal

Black Opal

Boulder Opal

Fossilized Opal

Ocean Opal

Raw Fire Opal

Tree Fossil with Opal Rings



Our African Wedding

My wife and I just had our African wedding celebration with her side of the family. It was off the charts.


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